Hanoi Traditional soup noodle with beef “Phở bò”

The Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup is probably one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes. It represents Vietnam. Just about every Vietnamese restaurant serves phở. It is so fragrant and filling. Each region of Vietnam has their own version of phở. If you do not eat beef you can make Chicken phở and stoke change beef bone by chicken bone. It very easy to cook but you need have time to make stock.


  • 3 kg Beef bone
  • 10 liter Water
  • 300 gr Sirloin
  • 300 gr Tenderloin
  • 1 kg Fresh rice noodles
  • 150 gr Onion
  • 100 gr Spring onion
  • 100 gr Shallot
  • 100 gr Ginger
  • 200 gr Cinnamon
  • 5 gr Cardamom
  • 5 gr Star anise
  • 5 gr Coriander
  • 50 gr Vietnamese mint
  • 50 gr Long coriander
  • 50 gr Fish sauce, salt
  • Chilli
  • Chilli paste


Step 1: Cleaning beef bone

  • Soak beef bone into salt water for 2 hours (if possible)
  • Boil beef bone in 30 minutes, clean all the black bubbles

Step 2: Toasting cinnamon, cardamom, star anise until the nice smell coming out

Step 3: Gring ginger, shallot and onion until the nice smell coming out, clean to remove the black ash

Step 2: Making beef stock

  • Mix all the above ingredients into a pot of 10 little water, then add 1 tbs salt and 1 bowl of fish sauce, lower heat, cook in 4 hours
  • Boil sirloin in stock for 2 hours and take it out

Step 3: Serving

  • Rice noodles + soup + Sliced beef tenderloin and sirloin + herbs and julienned ginger
  • Eating with lime and chilli on the side

Out come:

The soup must be clear and flavored from beef


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